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Pinch zoom function?

Apr 26, 2012 at 10:50 PM

I will get this mouse tomorrow and i found your project which seems very promising and adds middle-click which is a must in browsing...

MS released the SDK and although my programming skills are not very good and quite rusty I would like to know if you can override default gestures and if you think it could a pinch zoom in/out function be implemented... I mean if you can make it when you pinch at the bottom half only to make it zoom...

Because there isn't something standard in windows as far as zoom is concerned , do you think it would be possible to make a custom gesture to invoke certain keystrokes per app basis? Of course simulating simple keystrokes would make this whole analog feel go away , since you could only simulate levels of zoom and not a genuine analog touch as in tablets eg.

Or maybe you could try to make your program export the live feed of the touch sensor to miscellaneous plugins that each fan base of any popular app (most good and popular programs support their own plugins eg Chrome, 3D max , Photoshop etc.) could make to support the mouse. I mean like making an intermediary app between Touch input and any other app (apart from the tweaks you may implement or custom tweaks using your app as  a base).

Of course this may not be easy at all, and microsoft seems to have made a promising hardware but without strong software (no custom gestures , no simulated keystrokes , no macros) but releasing the SDK I think it's a smart move since it will give much better results in creativity instead of having a more closed-source software and waiting from them to update or implement functions...


Those were my ideas , keep up the good work ...

Apr 29, 2012 at 10:15 AM

Pinch zoom is something doable,

But how to make it usable is not only a technical question, but also a user experience question, especially when the applications themselves have different needs of such touch behavior. Besides, that project is released under GPL, which means no hope to reuse its code in TMM.


May 13, 2012 at 6:48 AM

I jumped into the world of the touch mouse yesterday and am getting along nicely with my new toy.

Pinch-zoom is an amazing oversight by Microsoft.  Many apps support zooming via CTRL and mouse wheel scroll.  I'd like to see pinch to zoom as something that can be done without lifting one's hand from the mouse - just slide your fingers apart (zoom in) or together (zoom out) in a kind of scissors motion.  Much the same as the typical "Apple/Android" pinch to zoom, but the contact area with the mouse would be a little closer to the front if your hand stayed on the mouse.  Of course, the Apple/Android pinch to zoom should also be supported, allowing one's hand to lift off the mouse and use thumb and forefinger to pinch.

Any chance?



May 13, 2012 at 8:31 AM

Well as lextm wrote before , actually windows 7 is too immature to accept this functionality . There is no function in their API which could be used for all the programs or windows so this could be a pain in the arse to adjust it for every single program. Of course it is doable if you make it work for some quite common browsers or very known programs like Photoshop etc but there will be no analog scalability probably which makes the whole touch concept useless....Maybe there will be support for that in windows 8.


Actually I started learning Visual Studio C# 2 weeks ago , and what i have managed so far is to correct the annoying behavior ( to my liking always ) of the double finger up/down gestures of microsoft . I mean i rewrote these functions to operate like this :

Double finger up : toggle between normal window and maximized 

Double finger down : toggle between minimize and previous state of window .

What i changed actually is that when a window was full-screen you had to do the double finger down gesture twice because the first time it would go to normal window and then again once to make it minimize. It works good and cooperates good with all the other gestures by Microsoft (you have to uncheck in the mouse panel the gestures i tweaked but only them) . When my code will be tidy enough , i will post it in a fork here . My next goal is to try to override left mouse click when a finger presses in a single spot on the middle of the mouse to simulate middle click by actually clicking instead of only touching . I'm still on research for that.

May 23, 2012 at 10:47 PM

Actually my project is ready and published . Feel free to test it and tell me your impressions. Lextm if you have a problem posting the link here please tell me to remove it.