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Project Description
A utility that adds more features to Microsoft Touch Mouse. Currently middle click and touch-over-click are supported. More will be added later.

(C) 2011-2012 Lex Li and other contributors

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This project is no longer maintained.


  • Touch-over-click Instead of physically click the mouse, simply touch the surface of your Touch Mouse. TMM translates your touches to physical clicks.
  • Middle-click Touch both left and right surface of your Touch Mouse at the same time, TMM translates this gesture to physical middle clicks.
  • Windows Tray Icon Via this icon, you can launch a context menu to configure TMM. Touch-over-click and middle-click can be enabled/disabled on this menu.

If you like TMM and would like to provide your feedback for future improvements, please post to our discussion board.

Microsoft releases a product called Touch Mouse in August 2011 per

Compared to a normal mouse, it is slightly different in the following way,
  • It supports multitouch
  • It supports gestures
  • It does not support middle click (Arc Touch Mouse supports that)
  • WOW, it has an SDK

To work around the middle click issue, I came across a utility authored by J5, an Italian developer,

However, like the comments pointed out, there are a few issues with the code base. As it drew my attention and I was really willing to fix the issues, I created a fork last night and started my typical weekend hacking tour this time on Touch Mouse SDK.

This project Touch Mouse Mate (TMM for short) is based on my improvements, and the source code is available on GitHub, released under MIT/X11 license,

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